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Still gains will continue and there would not be a shortage as such. Unexpected gains from old investment possible after the 16th October Investment of any kind, especially speculation should be totally avoided. Lucky Numbers: - 6, 5, 8. A new partnership opportunity is possible in career. Unmarried Gemini natives could find very good chances of marriage this month onwards.

Take all steps to distress your self. Health is one area, which should be handled cautiously. Ego with spouse, health issues over aggression, issues with siblings. An exciting period in career has commenced with expansion and overall growth in new avenues throughout. You should however ensure that a new area in career is not opened beyond the 18th October Those that are in job, pressures will increase.

There will be issues with coworkers, competition as well as pressure of superiors. Very good prospect in business will build up now. Improvement could come only next month. For working professionals, growth opportunities will be good, although actual progress will come next few months. A dip in relations could be felt after the 27th October A very positive period in social life will also result this month. A positive month for love life.

Unmarried have excellent chances of marriage in the coming few months.

Some hurdles possible after the 18th October Favorable period for finances. Avoid new investments from the 24th October Income will be fluctuating but average during the time. A new source of income formed now could give good returns in the coming months. Investment would be quite favorable. New investment made till the 26th October would be quite rewarding.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Lucky Days: - Wednesday. Lucky Numbers: - 5, 3. A tendency to spend too much as well as being reckless in expenses will remain throughout. There will be change in work environments, which could see an expansion in scope of work, rise in income as well as increase in level of expenses. A higher level of vibrancy in career could come with this month. There will be some increase in competition also. Ego, risky investments, loss of money, poor family life, bad speech, and poor health. Speech should be guarded this month too as it will lead to family problems as well as loss of money.

Second half of the month is better than the first half of the month. Further you should not meet people in authority this month. Not an easy period for career. There would be uncertainty as well as lower level of opportunities overall. For businessmen, the month will be gainful but not easy. Level of hurdles and issues could increase after the 19th October A new job is possible leading to a complete change in work environment. Average month mostly.

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A difficult period for finances. New investments should be totally avoided as largely only losses are expected. Existing investment could give much return this month. There will be a spate of new ideas, creative freedom and maturing of your perspective during this phase. There will be happiness in area of children. Those who wish to have kids, very good chances of addition of a child in the family in the coming 10 months.

Investment will remain gainful mostly.

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Resentment towards friends could raise somewhat. Income will be quite positive and high throughout. Personal pressures too will remain high. Major decisions in career should be avoided.

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Transiting combination in the 1st house could spoil health as well as peace of mind. Expansion into new areas will also be possible this month. Some anxiousness could come in this regard after the 16th October Those who are in job; there will be pressures of superiors as well as issues in work environment. Not an easy month. You should avoid controversy in written or spoken word.

Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

A social high will be experienced this month. With its root in October a positive relationship for the long term could develop now. Spouse will manage to control your action. Not an easy relationship will develop with spouse in the coming months. Unmarried could find chances of marriage. Some worry about direction of state of finances could come after the 16th October Positive period for finances. Income will be very good throughout.

Better gains before the 17th October Old investments made should be viewed cautiously since there could be some negative trends after the 19th October Lucky Days: - Sunday. Lucky Numbers: - 1, 4, 5, 6, 9.

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There will be happy trends although your need to control the proceedings and events will create issues for the other family ms and colleagues. Avoid risky investment. There will be satisfaction at home, although level of status could go down.

Some volatility in career will remain throughout. Career will be a big problem as there will be all round growth in this aspect. You could be initially worried and be an object of controversy for some written or spoken word, till the 16th October Beyond that a successful but very hectic period. You will be able to progress.

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Changes or sudden moves in career should however be avoided. For businessmen, there will be average level of gains. Better prospect after the 16th October For Job persons, a dip in opportunities in current environment will come. You should seek a change overseas for maximum gains. For Professional persons, there will be very high level of monetary gains till the 24th October There will be new love options as well after the 25th October A lack of opportunities could spoil options in love. If married the month will be happy throughout. Chances of marriage for the unmarried.

Very gainful month till the 24th October Income will be average till 17th October and pickup significantly after 17th October Investments should be looked at cautiously. No new investments are advised.

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There could be issues overall in terms of safety. Lucky Numbers: - 5, 2, 7, 6, 3. Income will remain good and plenty this month too. Money as well as family life will remain largely volatile and unsteady, although good level of luck will prevail.