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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope 25 March- 31 March. Leo Weekly Horoscope 18 March- 24 March. Leo Weekly Horoscope 11 March- 17 March. Leo Weekly Horoscope 4 March- 10 March. Leo are 5th Good Looking out of 12 Zodiac Signs Mostly Leo personalities are having a sizable noble body with broad shoulders along with an oval face. Mercury in your solar twelfth house channels deep desires.

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Mars transits to your solar twelfth house. He wants to move through quickly to focus on your dreams. Never fear. Venus joins in to bring a soft and lovely setting. In the midst of wishing everyone love and light, your week includes Mars transiting to your friendship sector. Venus joins him.

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Because of your love for the truth, you may have exhausted yourself. Every detail may have been obscured when Mercury was retrograde. Since it is happily moving along and direct, you can focus on Mars and Venus. These two transit to your solar tenth house, which governs your career. This is a week you can happily sink into. Mercury trines Jupiter. This aspect has an expansive and beneficial reach.

With a philosophical touch, you may reassess and put your energies towards enriching yourself. Your need for freedom starts a tightrope walk, balancing a desire to be there for others. Never one to shirk responsibility, a part of you may long to shake off the shackles. Self-inflicted or not, you are following your feelings. Without them, your instincts would be lost. Passionate Ariens should aim for family gatherings and home entertainments.

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Those of you planning decorations or even dreaming of a move of home should be able to take your plans one very major step forward. You should also be able to benefit from a little extra cash. Chance encounters will lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Shopping trips are bound to involve higher costs. Indeed, almost every area of life is certain to work out more expensive than you hoped, or feared.